Kirsty Porter

"30 Days to Better You" Programme

Before taking part in “30 days to better you” I found that although I exercised a great deal, I had some very bad habits when it came to food and snacking.  My main goal was to stop the snacking and focus on a healthier life style.

I honestly found I wasn’t hungry and once I made up my mind to do this, I actually found it easy.  I now snack on carrot, humus, nuts and far healthier foods, rather than crisps and biscuits and bread.  I also found that I really liked the chocolate shake and this curved my craving for rubbish.  My whole attitude to even exercise changed during these 30 days and I am really pleased to say, I have continued! 

I have never done anything like this before – yes, diet, but actually, this was more a state of mind, that a diet.  I have a young child and I was very keen to not let her see her mum dieting, but more her mum was being healthy and looking out for her body, but making sure that I had my nutrition and everything one needs to be healthy.

Quite early on, when I realised that I no longer wanted chocolate or crisps or cake, but actually my mind even told me that I wasn’t even hungry.  And if I wanted something, I knew I could have it something nice as there was so much choice.  

I feel better, I sleep better and I hope, I look better……

having a coach and support like Diana truly helped.  Diana is one of the most inspirational and genuine people that I know.  If things got hard, and sometimes they did, Diana was always there to offer support and help.  The programme was fun, it made me think about the bigger picture and reminded me that actually taking care of me was really important.


I will definitely stick to good habits, but will also keep in touch with the programme to ensure I stay focused on what was my really important goals was – LOOK GOOD, FEEL Good and Be Good

Rose Murphy

"30 Days to better You" Programme

“I enrolled in Diana’s  30 days to better you programme.  Its always daunting, when you put your very personal weight management goals out there.  Diana put everyone at ease, a great small group, where you could interact as little or as much as you liked.  With workshop intro’s  from our mindset and a focus on creating new healthy habits, to help us keep track of our goals, and a nutrition talk from an expert, to really set us up for winning.  I loved the private group on FB where we could interact in confidence.  I was already a fan of some of the nutrition used in the package, but had never committed to a plan.  Daily posts, to help you each day were invaluable with top tips, and food ideas, and motivational messages to keep our minds strong.  In the 30 days I lost 13lbs.. I was not expecting such a loss, its amazing what you can achieve with a little help and guidance.  It helped enormously having Diana lead us and helping us keep the strong focus on what we wanted to achieve for ourselves.  There was no stopping me!  I was committed.  Thank you Diana for being such a pro!  My journey is not over but those 30 days have changed the way I think about myself, and food.  This is all about creating a healthy lifestyle, and a better you! So thanks again. You are a Star!  Rose  x

Deb Evans

Oh, my where to begin?  When Diana said she was going to do a 30-day programme that involved nutritional advice I thought it wasn’t for me.  I can do that on my own.  But Diana’s program is soooo much more than that!  Yes, we probably all want to lose a little (or a lot of weight) or drop a dress size (or more).  Be a little bit healthier, happier even.  If this is you I would so encourage you to join this program.  There is accountability via a small private group supported throughout by Diana either by email of the Closed Facebook group.  There are meetings.  This really helps the group bond.  Strengthening the accountability.  I loved this.  The whole goal setting process was amazing to really get to what did want to gain from going through the program.  Limbs and torsos were measured, the scales were dusted off, weekly food menus were supplied.  Pretty much everything you would need apart from the grocery shopping was given to you to make it easy.  I need easy.  I must be really organised as a full time working Mum.  This had to fit, and do you know what?  It does!

So, yes, I wanted to lose some weight, but I’ve never been a fan of scales I personally think the tape measure, or the fit of clothes is a much better measure especially if people already have a lot of healthy lean muscle.  So, I didn’t set a weight goal.  But I did have an inch loss goal.  I was aware that as a menopausal woman I was getting a much bigger waistline than I was ever used to this was my biggest concern to be honest.  I was sceptical that this program would make a difference because nothing else I tried did.  Overall, I lost 7lbs and 5.25 inches (3 inches from my waist) in 30 days…

That was great!  I have a waist!!!  But not only that some of my ‘other’ menopausal symptoms started to lessen especially the night sweats.  Now this is probably down to the removal of alcohol and caffeine but the nutritional supplements that Diana recommends really support ladies like me too.  They really help to boost gut health, increase your intake of plant-based proteins and some even just keep you regular.  (I’ll leave that there I’m sure you can work it out).  Add in or increase your exercise and you have a winning combination.  Oh yes, Diana gives you exercises to do too.

This is all lovely but don’t get me wrong it can be hard work and some of us found certain things harder than others, but you know it’s not just a 30-day program it’s a lifestyle change.  Something to take on board for the rest of your life.  Which is fabulous.  It works, and you can do it forever.  

Another important part of this 30-day journey (because it is a journey it’s not just any old program) is that Diana uses her Styling knowledge advising on colours that suit you and you also learn your body shape and which clothes suit your shape (I’m an hour glass!  At the end anyway!).  Couple this with collaboration from a local hairdresser who gives colour and cut advice well you can see for yourself it’s a complete package.  You can see from before and after pics that we all took the advice on board and were ready for our photo shoot!  Oh yes there’s a professional photo shoot at the end.  So, we turned up at the hairdresser in our finest.  Diana did our wonderful makeup and we were snapped liked celebrities.  This from the person who really hates having their photograph taken…  Really not happy.  But I was so up for it on the day.  I felt confident and stylish and that’s what you get from this journey.

If you’re feeling a bit bleuh or lost your mojo get it back with the lovely Diana.

Claudia Dorring

"30 Days to Better You" Programme

When I first heard about the programme, I was intrigued; it simply sounded too good to be true. Being the sceptical person I am, I just had to sign up for Diana’s ‘30 Days to Better You’ programme.


The first meeting already convinced me that it was a great programme. Not only were there lovely snacks that she had prepared and great other participants but we also set our goals, talked about the problems we felt we had to face and so much more. She had also arranged a nutritionist and a Life Coach to tell us about what’s important for your daily nutrition and how to get into the right mindset.


The clean eating programme combined with all her knowledge as a Stylist and all the other people she got involved for the programme were truly life changing for me; I felt super energised and happy all the time.


The in-person meetings just got better and better as well. Her colour analysis, style recommendations and figure shape tips truly changed the way I choose my outfits and made it clear which pieces of clothing no longer serve me and how to pick new ones in the shop.


I cannot recommend this programme highly enough. If you’re at a crossroads in your life or you’re maybe looking at finally making a change or becoming more ‘girly’, then this is for you. Diana and the people she got together for this programme are fantastic! The programme is an investment in yourself and your happiness and worth every penny.

Sonya Stephens

Personal Styling Session & Wardrobe Detox

Diana is such a wonderful, stylish lady and I am honoured that she could impart some of her expertise on me to teach me which colours and styles suit me best.  

I am so thankful for Diana doing my wardrobe detox with me too.  Not only do I have space in my cupboard again, I rediscovered stylish clothing that I forgot I had! 

Thank you Diana for showing me how to be the best me I can be!

Vicky Bowden

Personal Styling, Wardrobe Detox & Personal Shopping

Diana’s Wardrobe Detox was just what I needed! I was stuck in a rut of buying the same colour and style clothing which didn’t actually suit my body shape and colouring, Diana gave me some great suggestions on how I can adapt and maximise the clothes I already have using accessories, and she set me on the right path for future purchases. 

I’ve already had loads of compliments and feel more confident and on trend.

Debrah E.

"30 Days to Better You" Programme

I loved this 30 day journey that I embarked on.  I loved the accountability from a lovely supportive group lead all the way by the lovely Diana.  I lost 7lbs and 5.25 inches (3 inches from my waist! Giving me back my hour glass figure).  The styling advice from colours, to styles for body shape.  Hair colour and cut I feel like a new woman.  Did I have to work at it?  A little bit but WOW it was worth it!  I have learned so much and keeping on with those healthy habits.

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