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The New Corona Reality

If you want to hear my thoughts about the situation, please read on!

Just like most of us in the world I was in shock and now slowly moving on to the “acceptance” and “adjustment” state of mind. I'm trying to accept my new reality and my new normal, adjusting to the new life, where I have to rediscover myself, learn how to homeschool my three young children while reinventing my collapsing business, accepting the loss of income, falling economy and the crumbling stock market. However, the most painful aspect of this new reality is having my family in another country, and knowing if the worst happens, we will not be able to be with each other and support each other. I will not be able to physically get to my mum and dad, my brother, my nephew and all of my extended family no matter how badly I wanted to. We cannot be there for each other and give each other a supportive hug, hold each others hands and cry on each others shoulder. This is the time we need each other the most and we can’t be together. All of a sudden the importance of material losses disappears. This crisis reminds us all of the importance of basics, such as HEALTH, LOVE, FOOD, FAMILY, and HOME. Treasure what you have and make each day count.

I also realised that as a humanity we will survive this crisis! Although it seems like a very dark tunnel the world will survive!! Populations survived worse pandemics than this. In 1346-1353 the Black Death took 75-200 million people, the flu pandemic of 1956 took 2 million lives and the Asian Flu of 1956 - 1958 took 2 million. As a humanity we are still here!!! We are stronger, smarter and more advanced now. Covid 19 is a world wide problem. We are all in the same boat and human kind as a whole needs desperate help! Compared to other pandemics, we now have better technology, more knowledge and better scientists who are all working on the solution collectively and independently. I believe that the solution will be found earlier than we think.

It might seem like our society is crumbling around us. We are witnessing loved ones suffer and perish, the health care system collapse, empty food shops, governments unsure how to proceed, raising unemployment, currency devaluations and stock market crashes but it’s at times like this that we experience the best and the worst of our race. I see our communities and neighbourhoods come together, helping out the elderly and the vulnerable. I’ve witnessed the worst of us where people fight for toilet paper in the supermarkets and hoard the food leaving nothing for doctors, nurses and key workers who are working hard to protect us and keep the world on its feet. This is the time for all of us to pause and reflect on what’s important to us. Mother Nature is telling us to stop, give her a break and go back to basics.

Before Covid 19 struck it felt like society was on a self destructive, fast paste journey to nowhere. We were caught up in a chaotic, spiral motion, trying to reach the top, without knowing what the top is. A constant chase for money, power and success created non stop competition. We were absorbed in consumerism, acquiring goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. We trapped ourselves inside the non-stop spinning wheel that was going faster and faster. We felt trapped inside that wheel without a way out. We had to work harder to make more money so we could buy more things. We convinced ourselves that those things would make us happier, but yet, we never had time to enjoy them, because we were constantly too busy.

A constant acquisition of useless things overwhelmed and stressed our lives, creating anxiety. Never once did we have time to slow down and stop to reflect on what we have and that it might already be enough?

We were caught in the acquisition of things, social media and the consumption of information We're now addicted to technology: our mobile phones, computers and tablets. Technological advances are supposed to help us out with our creativity and thinking, but it feels that an overload of information has actually eroded our attention and creativity. The inventions that were supposed to help us are actually hurting us. What meant to free us is actually enslaving us.

Further, I feel that our never-stoping consumerism and chaotic lives were destroying not just our lives, relationships, our physiological and psychological state, but also our planet! Yes, as humanity, we were on a vicious circle of destroying the very foundation of our livelihoods. We were chopping down our forests, overfishing our seas, polluting our rivers, causing climate change and mass extinction to more than one million animals and species.

This virus has destroyed peoples lives, created chaos in society and economies, changed our daily lives and caused huge job losses.. Some of us are sick and others lost their loved ones and their grief is unbearable. It is a total shock to our system that we haven’t experienced for generations. However, this crisis, gives us an opportunity to reflect, to stop and to think. It is our chance for a change! Our planet was sending us many messages, made out of natural disasters like fires and floods. We didn’t listen! Our planet had enough! It’s HER way to shake us up, to make us STOP and think! Our planet needed a break, a break from constant pollution, over supply and travel. The production and factories are on pause, planes aren't flying, cars are off our roads. But we can now hear the birds sing and have time to notice the bright blue sky.

Finally, I feel like the virus has shown us that we are all one, regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial status or fame. We are all human beings, we are all fragile, and are in trouble together. There is no US against THEM. It’s only US as a human race against an invisible enemy, the VIRUS.

The planet and humanity needed a reset. This is not a pleasant reset, but it made us STOP. The life as we know it was put on hold and every nation and every country has temporarily frozen. The air is cleaner, the sky is brighter, and people realised what really is important in life.

It is a reset and a reminder of the basics, where we came from and what is important. We now have a pleasure of not spending countless hours in the car, and instead replace it with a family time.

What I will be doing during the isolation:

  1. Deepening my connection with the family - it’s so nice to have my whole family around for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are less rushed and have time for deeper conversations and family games.

  2. Enjoying simple things in life, like cooking and nature walks.

  3. Reconnecting with long lost family and friends. People I haven’t talked to in a long time. All of a sudden life seems so short and it is a reality check and realisation that it could end unexpectedly at any time. If you leave things for later, they might never get done. That “One day” might never come.

  4. Buying less. This crisis made me realise how materialistic our society has become and things that we give value to, like designer shoes, bags, electronics etc are not at all valuable. When the disaster strikes, it’s the basics we need, such as food, water, medicine and maybe toilet paper :).

  5. Looking after my health better and the health of my loved ones. Exercise, eat better, take supplements. Health is the most important thing we have. If we are not healthy our time on this earth will easily disappear.

  6. Be more environmentally friendly. This is the reminder that our earth is in trouble and we need to take care of it.

  7. Gardening. All of a sudden empty shelves in shops made me realise that we could grow our own food. We have been planting potatoes, carrots, beans, onions, beans and tomatoes. I would also like to get my own chicken as there are no eggs in the shops, but I think it’s pushing it for me.

  8. Learning new skills. During this time, I will be concentrating on studying for my MBA, practicing self care and personal growth.

  9. Staying positive: through journaling, meditation, reading, happy music, ZOOM parties, and feel good TV.

  10. Enjoying playing with my kids and teaching them about nature, instead of spending countless hours in the car, driving them mindlessly from activity to activity.

  11. Do house declutter. All the useless positions that clutter my life and my brain will have to go. I am determined to simplify my life and start fresh.

  12. Closet detox. Same goes for my wardrobe. I will be creating capsule wardrobes for each aspect of my life and donating most of my cloths to charity. Less clutter = more brain power.

This crisis will pass and will come out of it better as people and as a humanity. Let’s not forget what is really important in our lives: HEALTH, LOVE, FOOD, FAMILY, and HOME.

***If you are doing the same and need help with your declutter or just need a friendly ear to chat, please contact me at 078 5904 0236.


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