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Before the weather turns irresistibly gorgeous, I wanted to send this trend report to get you ready for the new season (Summer / Spring 2018).  Supposedly spring should be here in full swing, unfortunately we keep on seeing grey sky and rain day after day!  Not to worry!  It gives us more time to get ready for that overdue spring clean (wardrobe detox) and prepare ourselves for that long awaited shopping trip for the new seasonal updates.

So what should we be looking for in terms of trends this season?  Click here to download my full trend report .

There are 8 major trends we are going to see everywhere: 1. Jumpsuits, 2. Sportswear 3. Denim on denim 4. Dresses on shirt 5. Pinks and lavender 6. Belt Bags 7. Print on print 8. Sheer dresses & transparent / plastic outerwear

Trendy Colours for Spring Summer 2018. There are 2 different directions for colour trends this season: on one side you will see pastel colours (light blue, yellow, lavender, pink) and on the other side, you will see strong vibrant colours, such as red, purple and brown. Lavender will for sure dominate the season.

10 colours to look out for: Milk white, lavender, chocolate brown, yellow, tomato red, purple, light green, military green, sky blue.

Download my full trend report here

Which is your favourite colour and what will you avoid? I will definitely be investing in milk white, purple and tomato red (being an autumn) while avoiding yellow and lavender.  What are your favourites?  Share your thoughts!

Can't wait to hear from you!

Diana x

Let me help you build a strong personal brand, while saving you time and money! I can help you build a wardrobe that suits your personality, image and physique so you could look and feel fabulous, confident and on top of your game!

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