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The most frequent question I get asked is how to get your wardrobe to the most efficient and usable state. In order to make sure you wear everything from your wardrobe, you need to make sure you cover the steps bellow:

1. Know your colour pallet. Is your skin type cool or warm? What season do you belong to? With the help of the colour consultant you will be able to figure out which colours work best for your skin type, hair colour and eye colour.

2. Know how to dress for your body shape. Every woman is beautiful in my eyes. There are, however, women who do not know how to show off their beauty. If order to bring out your assets and hide your imperfections, you first need to know what your body shape is and what are the tricks of dressing that body shape correctly.

3. Know your life style and what you need. Are you a stay at home mum or a busy professional? You need to know your lifestyle in order to have a perfectly usable wardrobe.

4. Edit and do a wardrobe detox to get rid of clutter. Get everything out of your wardrobe and only keep the items that make you look and feel your best. If you don't feel good in a particular clothing item, get rid of it! donate, recycle, gift it to a friend, but make sure it's our of your closet!

5. Know how to shop smarter and more selective. Before you go shopping, make a list of items that you need. Remember to bring your colour swatch (sample colours that suite your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour the best).

In conclusion, having a perfectly balanced wardrobe is a bit of a science. You need to know yourself and go through a little psychological evaluation. Know your colours and your body shape. Do not buy things on impulse. Stick to the rules and you will have a perfectly balanced wardrobe.

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